Check Your EPF Balance Status in 7 Simple Steps

Every Employee working in the Industrial sectors need to know about the EPF balance as it become a source for them after retirement. If you don’t know about the EPF balance, how to save your incomes and generate an EPF balance don’t worry in this session we shall clearly explain you the importance of EPF balance, how to do check your EPF balance online, how to do EPF balance check by sms, in what ways EPF balance amount be helpful to the employee and many more. So, let’s get started into the details.

The EPF balance is the amount which will be deducted for the employees basic salary on a regular basis say for example month wise, quarterly, half yearly etc. this EPF balance will be accumulated by the EPF India with the help of a trust. The EPF India is an organisation formed to help the employees working in the Industrial sectors whose basic salary would be less than Rs.15000 or more.

What is an EPF balance?

 As said earlier both the employer as well the employee sacrifices certain amount to the EPF India in the form of EPF balance. The amount contributed by the employer is tax-free whereas the EPF balance amount contributed by employee can be claimed for deductions under section 80U of Income tax act. Hence EPF balance can be stated as the profitable savings which would be available for the invested person at the time of retirement.

It is beneficial to invest in EPF India?

Yes, investing in EPF India help you in the following ways,

  • EPF balance amount will be helpful at the time of retirement.
  • Employer cannot withhold your EPF balance.
  • Even if you migrate form one job to another there is no need of going for a new policy in EPF India.
  • EPF balance can be withdrawn at any time whenever the employee wishes to do so.
  • Regular EPF balance inquiry helps you to know the EPF claim status of your application.

It is not mandatory to invest in the EPF India but there can many further benefits if you start saving your EPF balance.

Update with EPF balance inquiry or not?

                It’s quite mandatory to check your EPF balance by making certain EPF balance inquiry methods held available for you. The main reason behind EPF balance inquiry is that sometimes employer may not contribute his share of EPF balance and through which you may lose your EPF balance amount. Hence through regularly EPF balance inquiry clear information regarding the employer contribution for your EPF balance will be known clearly.

Methods to check EPF balance:

Through the following methods you can easily check your EPF balance.

  • By EPF balance online via EPF India.
  • Type EPFOHO UAN and send it to 7738299899 from your UAN registered mobile number.
  • Just leave a missed call to 011-22901406 from the registered mobile number.
  • Install EPF app on your mobile and enter the 12 digit UAN number provided to you.
  • Directly go to UAN member portal and check your EPF balance online.

How to check EPF balance online

By following the steps given below you can easily check your EPF balance online

  • The first step of checking your EPF balance is to keep your EPF account number ready with you. This is one of the most important information to proceed communication regarding your EPF account.
  • Open the link, EPF balance online and click on the “Know your EPF balance” text at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Select the state of the EPF office in which your EPF account is being maintained
  • a list of city offices pertaining to that state will be listed down after the selection of state so, Choose your city specific EPF office from the list.
  • Now fill in your EPF account number, your name as mentioned in EPF records and your registered mobile number. The EPF number would be in the following format – TN/MAS/0054222/000/0000111. The first two alphabets in the EPF account number is the code for region and next three alphabets is the code for EPF office.
  • Click on submit and the EPF balance will be sent to you via SMS on the mobile number that you have shared at the time of registration.

How to check EPF balance via UAN

UAN is a Universal Account Number which is unique for all individuals enrolled under the EPF scheme. Once you have registered your UAN, you will receive details like EPF balance and other such information on your mobile phone via sms.  A few steps  were provided that lead to EPF balance inquiry via UAN.

  • Open the web page EPF balance inquiry.
  • Enter the Universal Account Number of UAN provided to you.
  • Enter your mobile number to which you will receive SMS.
  • Select your EPF state, and choose your city specific EPF office from the list
  • Fill in the captcha code that is generated by the system. Finally you will receive the pin and the EPF balance details on the mobile number that you have furnished.

How to check EPF balance via SMS or Missed Call

 One more easy way which comes in handy at times when you do not have an active online connection is via SMS or missed calls. For this you need to have an activated UAN number. Giving a simple missed call to 011-22901406 will ensure that you receive an SMS that lists down your PF number, age and name as per the EPF records along with the EPF balance. Probably sometimes you may require your UAN along with Aadhar Number or PAN Number in order to know your EPF balance.

How to check EPF balance via mobile app

EPF India has recently launched a mobile app for checking EPF balance so as to capitalize on the mobile application trend in the Indian market. The mobile app is not available on Google Play Store and as such needs to be downloaded manually from the EPF India official website. Once the EPF app is installed on your mobile phone, you can open and feed in your name and account number to track the EPF balance. Here are the steps for using the EPF mobile app:

  • Open the mobile app on your phone and click EPF member portal.
  • Under the EPF Member portal option, click EPF balance and then enter your twelve digit UAN number.
  • In case the mobile number-UAN combination is correct, you will be shown a screen which displays your updated EPF balance information along with personal details like your name, date of birth, Aadhar number; PAN for tax deduction, last month EPF contribution etc.
  • EPF Mobile App for EPF Balance tracking is a good and easy way to check your EPF balance and that too on the go.

So, by any of the above said ways you can easily check your EPF balance. Through EPF India EPF balance inquiry can be made easily via EPF balance online which can easily and accurately show you that EPF balance amount.