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7 Different Ways to Check EPF Balance Status

This session is about providing some general information regarding EPF India.  Complete data of EPF UAN (Employee’s Provident Fund Universal Account Number). The EPF India has been established on 1952 under the provisions act. Both the employer as well the employee will pay for EPF Contribution. The employer’s contribution is exempt from tax and employee’s contribution is taxable but eligible for deduction under section 80C of Income tax Act as paid for the EPF India. The EPF amount earns interest as declared by Government. Its main focus and objectives is to provide various pension schemes for the workers working in Industrial Organisations. Let us get to know about how to pay the EPF Contribution and the various modes.

What is an Employee Provident Fund?

                                       A provident fund will be created with the purpose of providing financial security and stability to any of the elderly person. Usually people contribute in EPF UAN when HE/SHE starts working as an employee.  The contributions made to EPF India will be on regular basis. As said earlier creating an EPF Account helps an employee to save a fraction of their salary every month which can be used in an event when the employee is temporarily dismissed or at the time of retirement.  The investments made by the employees are pooled together and invested.  Typically 12% of the Basic salary, DA, and cash value of food allowances have to be contributed to the EPF India.

It’s recommended to check your EPF balance time to time. Reason behind the regular EPF balance check is because the EPF account keeps the money funded by you and your employer. Suddenly if the employee plans to shift to new job its common that you may forget do EPF transfer after the job switch. Likewise people forget to claim their EPF withdrawal after retirement in their job which may problems like loss of EPF balance so far accumulated. Therefore when you check the EPF balance, you will definitely know your EPF Membership details.

Different Ways to Check EPF balance:

As there is an improvement in the technology the EPF India also updated to various technological sources. the organisation now has  launched EPF balance enquiry online where people can access their EPF balance. Very recently, EPF Mobile App has also been launched for its users to know their EPF balance. Before these new services like EPF balance enquiry online and the mobile app i.e. the EPF app were made available to its users, finding out EPF balance was a bit difficult as the EPF member must find an EPF office and thereby know the EPF balance which is not an easy task. With the launch of the online EPF balance check facility, individuals can easily know their EPF balance in the matter of few minutes.

Check EPF Balance
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                Very easily you can leave a missed call to 011 22 901 406 and know EPF balance very instantly. Likewise EPF balance check can be done through SMS. Type EPFOHO UAN and send it to 7738299899 from your UAN registered mobile number. There is an option to receive text message in 10 vernacular languages (English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali). Once you send the message EPF India will send you, the EPF membership details available as well last contribution, along with the total EPF balance.

How to check EPF balance via UAN: Here are some of the few steps which help you know EPF balance via UAN.

  • Open the link (EPF balance via UAN).
  • Enter your EPF India Universal Account Number of UAN.
  • Enter the mobile number at which you will receive SMS for EPF balance.
  • Select your EPF state, and choose your region of EPF office from the list.
  • Fill in the captcha code displayed/generated by the system.
  • You will receive an OTP thereby EPF balance details will be sent on the mobile number How to check EPF balance via SMS or Missed Call

How to know EPF balance through missed call:

Quite easier way is to leave a missed call. Just  leave a missed call to 011-22901406 from the registered mobile number. Very instantly you will be ensured with SMS that lists down your EPF number, age and name as per the EPF India records. However, you will be required to provide your UAN along with Aadhar/PAN Number in order to know your EPF balance.

How to check EPF balance via mobile app:

  • Open the Play store app in case of smart phones and featuring app’s in case of iPhone etc.
  • Search for EPF India, find it and download it
  • After installing the app on your phone click member.
  • Under the Member option, click on EPF balance/passbook and then input your twelve digit UAN number as well your registered mobile number.
  • The system will now verify your mobile number
  • If the mobile number-UAN combination is correct, you will be shown a screen which displays your updated EPF balance information along with all the personal information like your name, date of birth, Aadhar number; PAN for tax deduction, last month EPF contribution etc.

Seven Simple and Easy methods listed out below user van easily know EPF balance. They are:

  • Through SMS – Type EPFOHO UAN <select language> and send it to 7738299899 from your UAN registered mobile number for easy access of EPF balance.
  • Download EPF Passbook From UAN Portal: Month wise statement will be provided regarding EPF balance check.
  • Download EPF passbook From Member Portal –
  • By leaving a Missed Call – Dial 011 22 901 406 and leave a missed call provided you should keep your UAN ready.
  • Send SMS to get back PF account status – similar to a missed call service.
  • Download EPF mobile App – Install EPF India to your mobile where in EPF balance can be known just through fingertips.
  • Check EPF balance enquiry online – In the official webpage you can check your EPF balance.

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