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Easy Way to Check PF Balance through EPF Mobile App

Check PF Balance through EPF Mobile App: Are you investing in the EPF India? Do you know that now you can easily check the balance through EPF mobile app? Very recently Employee Provident fund organisation has introduced a new source of checking the EPF balance i.e. nothing but the EPF mobile app. Now a day there is rapid change in the improvement of technology, which made the people very easy to perform their tasks just through their fingertips. Even the EPF India has also developed its strategies along with the technology. In the year 2013, EPF India has launched a new session that is the EPF app. usually we all know that EPF India is an organisation which helps the employee by protecting their savings and helping them by providing the accumulated amount to employee at the time of retirement.

Know About EPF Mobile App?

The EPF mobile app is a technology based application which helps the user to check his/her EPF balance which has been invested in the EPF India. Just with the help of their fingertips any person who made their savings in the EPFO can check their EPF balance through this valuable EPF mobile app.

Check PF Balance through EPF Mobile App

Why to Install the EPF App?

                There are many sources to check the EPF balance but any of those sources can’t show the instant result. Just by installing/downloading the EPF mobile app in your mobile you can easily and instantly check your EPF balance available for you by the EPF India Organisation. Hence when compared to the remaining sources like EPF balance online check, missed call service, SMS service etc., EPF mobile app is determined to be user friendly.

How to Check EPF balance via EPF App:

As said earlier EPF India has recently launched a EPF mobile app for checking EPF balance so as to capitalize on the mobile application trend in the Indian market. The EPF mobile app is not available on Google Play Store and as such needs to be downloaded manually from the EPF India official website. Once the EPF app is installed on your mobile phone, you can open and feed in your name and account number to track the EPF balance. Here are the steps for using the EPF mobile app:

  • First EPF India Portal and then to download the link, visit the below page for EPF Mobile App Download Page. The screen looks like below.
  • Once you download the EPF mobile app in your mobile then the welcome screen looks like this just shown below.
  • If you notice this clearly there are three sections in this EPF mobile app. One is meant for members (employees), the second is for pension holders and finally for an employer. When we click on MEMBER tab, then the screen looks like below.
  • For employees, only two options are held available. One is to activate your UAN and the second one is to check your EPF balance. To activate your UAN, click on the tab ACTIVATE UAN. Then the screen looks like below.
  • Here, to activate UAN, you have to first select the office from the drop down list. Later, you have to enter Establishment Code, Extension, Employee Number, UAN number and your registered mobile number. Then check on the declaration link. Finally, click on ACTIVATE tab. This completes the activation process of UAN.
  • Finally check the EPF balance by clicking on tab EPF BALANCE/PASSBOOK tab from main menu. The screen looks like below.

How to Check EPF Balance in the EPF mobile app:

  • Open the mobile app on your phone and click EPF member portal.
  • Under the EPF Member portal option, click EPF balance and then enter your twelve digit UAN number.
  • In case the mobile number-UAN combination is correct, you will be shown a screen which displays your updated EPF balance information along with personal details like your name, date of birth, Aadhar number; PAN for tax deduction, last month EPF contribution etc.
  • EPF Mobile App for EPF Balance tracking is a good and easy way to check your EPF balance and that too on the go.

So, by any of the above said ways you can easily check your EPF balance. Through EPF India EPF balance inquiry can be made easily via EPF balance online which can easily and accurately show you that EPF balance amount.What more are you waiting for just install the EPF mobile app in your registered mobile number phone and instantly check your EPF balance through the EPF mobile app.

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