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EPF Balance | Check Your PF Balance Status in 3 Minutes

EPF Balance: You can check your EPF balance at ease in 4 simple ways. We are going to discuss those 4 EPF balance check methods in this article.

Some of you are new to EPF. I would explain you in depth:

  • What is EPF?
  • EPF registration
  • EPF withdrawal
  • How to know your EPF balance | EPF balance check?

In case, if you are not new to EPF balance checking, you can directly click on the above links and go to your required section.


What is EPF?

          EPF stands for Employee’s provident fund which is one of the best savings schemes for a salaried employee in India. This provident fund account is maintained by EPF organisation. As per the EPF rules and regulations, any company which maintains more than 20 employees must do their EPF registration with the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India). The EPF balance is helpful for the employee at the time of retirement or for any important occasions in his/her life.

How to Calculate EPF balance?

                        For your EPF balance, both the employer and employee will contribute.PF contribution by an employer for EPF balance is around 3.67% whereas, the EPF contribution by an employee (you) is 12% for your epf balance.

For example:

Let us assume; your basic pay is Rs 30,000. The epf balance check can be done with this simple epf contribution shown below:

Your (employee’s) share for epf balance is 12% of basic pay, i.e., 12% of Rs 30,000 which is Rs3,600.

Employer’s contribution to employees pension scheme is minimum of 8.3% of your basic pay, i.e., 8.3% of 30,000 =  Rs.2,490

Employer’s share in epf balance is 3600 – 2490 = 1,110.

Pf contribution by employer for EDLIS is 0.5% of 30,000 i.e., Rs150.

Employer’s administration charge is 0.85% of Rs.30,000 =  Rs255.

This is the exact pf contribution by employer and employee for their EPF balance.

                            This epf balance check calculation is done from the perspective of a single employee and employer. But, in an organisation, we do have many employees. All of the employees contribute to the epf balance, and their epf balances are pooled together and invested by an organisation. This invested fund for the epf balance generates interest rate around 8-12% which is decided by the Government of India.

In the case of an employee changing his job, he must update the epf balance information so that the new employer can make his epf contribution to your epf balance.

If you have any more doubts regarding epf balance check or epf contribution, then check the epf contribution rate table

EPF Registration For a New Employee:

                   If you are an employee drawing a basic salary of above fifteen thousand rupees then, you have to compulsory contribute to the epf balance. This rule came into existence from September 1, 2014.

Employees who started their jobs after the date mentioned above and earning more than fifteen thousand rupees in basic & DA will not contribute to the employee’s pension scheme.

On Feb 10, 2016, the government of India has announced that the retirement age for the employees has been increased from 55 to 58 years. So, the employees can now save their epf balance for 3 more years.

And also, employees can withdraw 90% of their epf balance once they reach the age of fifty-seven years.

For an employee who wants to get the epf registration done, has to submit the Form 11 when he takes up a new job in an organisation which complies (registered) under the EPF 1952 scheme.

This epf registration form (form 11) consists of basic questions regarding the employee. EPF registration form is the self-declaration about the employee’s status of being a part of EPF balance in the previous employment or not.

The main purpose of the EPF registration form (form 11) is to ensure that:

  1. If the new employee was a member of the provident fund means that he should also be a member of the employee provident fund.
  1. Either if you are a new employee who dint have a job in the past or not a member of provident fund in the past but, if your salary is 15,000 rupees per month in the new employment then, you cannot contribute to the epf balance.

You are termed as an excluded employee. Retired employees who get their pf pension or who have withdrawn their epf balance are also termed as excluded employees.

This EPF registration form helps in the cross checking of facts of employees and during the times of inspection.

An excluded employee (who is a fresher-mentioned in the 2nd point above) can opt out of the epf balance scheme, whereas, employees who are already enrolled under the epf balance scheme cannot opt out.

For an employee to start saving in the epf balance account, he must first register for EPF, filling up the EPF registration form (Form 11).

This EPF registration form was revised in the month of September 2016 which is a one-page EPF registration form.

Contents in the EPF registration form (Form 11):

              In the first section of the EPF registration form employees are required to fill their personal information like:

  • Name of the employee
  • Father’s name/ spouse name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Mobile number
  • Email id
  • Marital status of the employee

So, while filling your details in the EPF registration form be careful. Try to tick beside the relevant fields because, once the EPF details are done wrong it again takes the time to correct them.

In the next section of the EPF registration form you need to fill the previous employee details:

                      If you have earlier contributed to the EPF balance, then provide the details of the EPF balance account. This area is critical to fill up. So, try to fill with utmost care.

EPF registration form | International workers information:

                       International workers who come to work in Indian Companies have to contribute for the EPF balance and Indian Social Security. There is no minimum period of stay for the employee to make EPF contribution.

Social Security Agreement is an agreement of mutual consent between two countries to protect the social security of an employee in a country other than their own. India has signed up this Social Security Agreement with other countries like France, Belgium and much more.

  1. If an international employee is covered under a social security agreement, then he can withdraw the provident fund according to the SSA rules and regulations.
  1. If the international employee is not covered under the SSA, then he or she can withdraw their EPF balance only at the time of retirement.

Apart from the above-mentioned sections employees also need to fill in:

  • KYC details in the EPF registration form.
  • Declaration in EPF registration form.
  • New present employer section must also be filled in the epf registration form.

   These are the steps for EPF registration for an employee.

If you are an employer, check the EPF registration process for an employer.

EPF withdrawal | EPF Transfer from one account to another account:

Online transfer of EPF balance has made our lives easier. I have personally benefitted after the EPF balance transfer and EPF withdrawal through online has been introduced, and I will show you how you can do the same.

You can make your EPF transfers in 4 ways which I have mentioned below:

  1. One employee, one EPF account:

EPFO has come up with a new drive called one employee. One EPF account is enough to make multiple transfers and is also effortless now.

The following criteria are required to be fulfilled by the employee for EPF transfer:

  • Aadhar card must be linked to your Unique Account Number.
  • Your employer needs to have an authenticated aadhar card.
  • All your details submitted must be verified.
  • Bank details and PAN details must be submitted to the EPFO.
  • All your personal details must be tallied with the details provided in the EPF account.
  1. EPF balance transfer | Automatic Transfer Method:

In this automatic EPF balance transfer method, you need not take a pain to transfer the EPF balance. It gets transferred automatically.

But the following conditions must be satisfied by the employee before opting for it.

  • You should have UAN number before getting employed.
  • You must provide your UAN card details to the employer at the time of joining.
  1. EPF balance transfer | Online Transfer Claim Portal:

This method of EPF balance transfer does not require any UAN or Aadhar card number to be linked up. You need to apply at the OTCP portal for the transfer of your provident fund.

In this method either your previous or present employer authenticates your application. All this EPF balance transfer is done through online and once the authentication is done you need to submit the application form printout to your employer.

  1. EPF transfer | Physical claim transfer:

In this method, you need to fill the Form 13 and submit it to the previous or present employer. After, the verification is done by the concerned employer he will send it to the EPFO.

EPFO then verifies your Form 13 and gets it authenticated through your employer and finally transferred the amount from the previous EPF balance account to the current EPF balance account.

The EPF balance can be transferred or withdrawn if the employee has less than 10 years of experience. Once the employee completes his 10 years of experience he has no option to withdraw the EPF balance but, he can transfer the EPF balance from one account to another account.

The EPF balance status can be checked faster with the online EPF transfer method.It usually takes around 2 weeks for the EPF balance transfer to take place.

How to know your EPF balance | EPF balance check | EPF balance enquiry?

Earlier EPF balance enquiry was done manually by submitting the EPF form in the EPFO office. It was the hectic process for us to check our EPF balance status.

But, now with advancement in the technology the EPF balance status enquiry has become much easier.

Want to know the best part?

There are 7 ways to check EPF balance details and we will give in short details about each and every method.

Follow the below-mentioned methods for EPF balance enquiry:

  1. EPF balance enquiry through SMS: You can check your EPF balance through sending SMS by registering your mobile number at the EPF portal.

To check the EPF balance status through SMS you need to do the following:

  1. You need to have a registered mobile number with the UAN member portal to send an SMS to 7738299899.
  2. To receive the EPF balance through SMS in English you need to type the following message EPFOHO UAN <ENG>.
  3. In the similar manner mentioned above, you can also receive the SMS in 10 different languages. They are English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali.
  4. Once you send the SMS to the EPFO, they will verify your member details and send you all the particulars of the KYC, your last EPF contribution along with the total EPF balance handling in the account.
  5. EPF balance check through EPF passbook: You can download the EPF passbook from the UAN portal. You can also download the EPF passbook from the EPFO member portal.
  6. You can download the EPF passbook from the UAN portal where you can check your monthly EPF contribution.
  7. You can also check your employer’s monthly contribution to your EPF balance account.
  8. Your employer’s contribution to your EPS scheme can also be tracked through the EPF passbook.
  9. Finally, you can check the total EPF balance in your account by downloading the EPF passbook from the UAN member portal.
  1. EPF balance enquiry through missed call: You can check your EPF balance by just giving a missed call. You need not remember all the lengthy ussd codes to check your EPF balance. Just save the toll-free number of the EPF portal.
  2. To check your EPF balance, you can give a missed call to the following number 011 2290 1406.
  3. Then you get the following information in the SMS:
  4. Your UAN details
  5. KYC status

iii.    Date of birth details

  1. The last contribution to EPF balance
  2. Provident fund balance
  1. You can also get your EPF balance enquiry by sending SMS to the EPFO portal similar to utilising the missed call service.
  1. EPF balance enquiry online: You can check your EPF balance online by logging into the official EPFO portal where you need to enter your EPFO login details and proceed further as per the instructions are given on the site to check the EPF balance.
  1. EPF balance check through EPF mobile app: You can download the official app released by the EPFO India for the employees to track all the EPF balance details and also check their EPF claim status.

Of all the options mentioned above for EPF balance check, which is the best option for EPF balance enquiry.

Want to know the best part?

I usually go for the EPF balance enquiry through missed call. I opt for missed call service for EPF balance check because it is very easy to track the details when compared to retaining the lengthy USSD codes for sending SMS or following the step by step process online to track your EPF balance enquiry.

Transfer EPF balance from dormant EPF account:

                   There are few employees who are struggling to transfer EPF balance from a dormant EPF account. Simply, follow the steps mentioned below to solve your queries regarding EPF transfer.

  1. Visit the official EPFO portal epfindia.gov.in
  2. There you can find an option in “our services” tab called “for employees.”
  3. There you can find an option called “inoperative account helpdesk”.
  4. Now, you will get an instruction window, click on the option called “first-time users”. This option would be seen at the bottom of the page.
  1. In the next window, you need to enter the problem you are facing regarding the EPF transfer. Explain your problem as detailed as possible and then click on the “Next” button.
  2. In the next step enter your personal details and the employment details.
  1. After filling in all the details mentioned above, you need to enter the mobile number, and this mobile number would be verified.
  1. EPFO helpdesk would get in touch after completing the above process and help you settle your issues regarding the EPF transfer.

In this way, you can check your EPF balance with the above-mentioned methods and also do share your favourite or easiest method in the below comments.