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EPFO Claim Status: Easily Check Your EPFO Claim Status Online


Hello friends. Are you segregating your contribution to EPF India? If your answer is yes, then it’s quite important for you to get updated with the EPFO claim status. Don’t worry there is no need for you to visit EPFO office. You may get confused about how to check your EPFO claim status without going to the office. To solve the puzzle we suggest you to read the article clearly so that you can clearly know about how to check your EPFO claim status which was invested in the EPF India. Regular check-up EPF balance is mandatory and recommended by many of te experts which will help you to know the EPFO claim status. For employees who are willing to do EPF balance enquiry online, we had availed the EPFO claim status verification opportunity just for you. Through this you can just check the EPF balance status position of your Employee Provident Fund withdrawal application. Complete procedure of how to know your EPFO claim status is explained clearly here in below.

Is it Necessary to Check EPFO Claim Status?

In olden days just to know the EPFO claim status it is must for each and every person is required to search for the EPFO office and get the EPF details. But now it became quite easy to check your EPFO claim status either through online by EPFO login or through the EPF app which can be installed in your smart phone and can be checked as and when necessary. This is all because to check the regularity of payment by your employer. In this concept both the employer as well the employee contributes this share and if any one person miss to do so then the result of EPFO claim status will be decreased to the expected rate.

  As the technology being changed and with the help of these new technologies and digitization, EPF India also has been improved a lot by adopting various offline and online facilities. While applying for the EPF India you will be provided with a PF account number will help you in knowing EPFO claim status at any office across the country or else through EPF balance enquiry online. Due to the technological adaptation and changes, claim process is faster and simpler now a days as said earlier. Very recently EPF app has been introduced where you can easily check your EPFO claim status just through your fingertips.

Check Your EPFO Claim Status

Benefits of EPF India:

  • As Both the Employer and Employee of the Industrial organisation segregate certain percentage of contribution  say 12% ( 10% in case of sick industrial co., any establishment having accumulated loss equal to its entire paid up capital and any establishment in Jute Industry, Beedi Industry, Brick Industry, Coir Industry and Gaur Gum Factories. ). Through this the EPFO claim status will be increased.
  • The EPF balance guarantees the Employer’s contribution and credits interest at such rates as determined by the Central Government.
  • On resignation of the employee, the member can settle the account. i.e., the member gets his EPF balance i.e. his contribution, Employer Contribution and Interest and thereby EPFO claim status will be given to Him/Her.
  • EPF India guarantees pension to its members, even if the Employer has not contributed to Pension Fund.

How to check your EPFO claim status Online:

  • Below is the Link Where you can know your EPFO claim status, check the EPF balance and many more.
  • Click here: EPFO claim status
  • Choose establishment under offices and select the region from the list of EPF India..
  • In the related fields, enter establishment code extension and establishment code if known clearly.
  • Now in the final step enter your EPF account number and click submit so that your EPFO claim status details will be generated.
  • A new tab will be opened where the details of your EPF claim status payment will be mentioned
  • If you drag down the details you can clearly check the EPF balance status.
  • Sometimes you may be provided with an EPF employee login through which you can easily use EPFO login option.

By following the above said procedure you can easily check the EPFO claim status. The EPF India further offers various other facilities like checking EPF balance enquiry online and one more important think is the EPF app. According to EPF India, any company with work force of more than 20 members has to deduct EPF from their salary whose basic pay of Rs.15000 or per month. A common category of 12% will be added by the employer and a certain amount will be deducted from the Employees salary s said earlier.

How to check EPFO claim status through mobile app:

  • In your smart phones go to browser and search for EPF India.
  • You will be directed to a new page where in the right corner below you can find the EPF app.
  • Click on download the EPF app which helps you to easily know the EPFO claim status.
  • After downloading Click on the EPF app.
  • Kindly open it and thereby you can check your EPFO claim status.

Therefore coming to a conclusion we can say that knowing the EPFO claim status id very important in many ways. Hence don’t ignore it just find an easy way to know your EPFO claim status and get updated with the EPF balance.

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