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How to Find UAN Number and Password – EPFO Help Desk

Did you Forgot UAN number provided to you? If so, no need to worry at all, in this session we will provide you the complete information regarding UAN number generation, How to make UAN activation and many more. Employee working in any organisation has the opportunity to save certain of salary in the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation). Both the employer and employee contribution certain percentage of basic salary say for about 12% where the EPF contribution made by employer is tax free, whereas the EPF contribution provided by the employee can be claimed as a deduction u/s 80 of the Income tax act 1962. Therefore every employee will be provided with a UAN passbook (Universal Account Number) details which are Unique among all the employees. It’s quite natural to forgot UAN number, at that instance we may get worried about the data, but now it is not at all necessary to get worried as we will explain you how to get UAN number reactivated.

Main Reason to forgot UAN number:

  • Employee may sometimes change his employment and join in a new organisation where in he/she may forget UAN activation.
  • UAN passbook contains details like name of the employer, and all the remaining personal details but does not include username and password provided to the employee at the time of UAN registration.
  • As every person contains numerous kinds of accounts like Net banking transaction, email accounts and many more which all are provided with usernames and passwords, hence sometimes person may get confused by entering wrong passwords.

How to get UAN number: getting a UAN number is very simple by following the steps provided below.

UAN number generation

  1. Go to the EPF India website.
  2. Under ‘Our Services’ option click on the ‘For Employee’ link.
  3. Select UAN helpdesk in the list provided to you
  4. A new page will be displayed which shows the following data exactly as like the image.

Forgot UAN Number

  1. Select “Register as a member”.
  2. You will be directed to a new page where you may find the list which is as shown in the image below.

Forgot UAN Number

      7.Select “what is my UAN” form the list shown above.

      8.As and when you select the how to get UAN number option a new page will be displayed where in you are                      required to fill in details like your name, present establishment name as like shown in the picture below.

Forgot UAN Number

  1. That’s all if the data provide dby you helds to be correct then an otp will be generated to your registeres mobile number and after submitting the otp you wil get the UAN registration number to your mobile itself.
  2. The final step is to save the UAN number generation details very carefully.
  3. This is how you can know how to get member id for UAN registration

Forgot UAN number:  Even if you forget UAN number details that’s doesn’t be a problem as we will next explain you the complete process of how to regenerate UAN number.

  1. You are required to follow the first 6 steps explained in the above paragraph.
  2. After completing the 6steps select option 2 from the list displayed that is “ Forgot UAN number and change in mobile number “.
  3. A new page will be displayed to you which contains the following details.

  1. Enter all the required fields which are to be filled it and finally click on “Genertae OTP” option.
  2. The OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  3. Submit the OTP details and get back the username and passowrd as well of ur UAN account.
  4. This process of UAN activation is quite simple if you keep all the required data along with you at the time of UAN registration.

How to check UAN passbook details:

  • Enter the EPFO portal.
  • Find Servicesà Employee services.
  • Select “Know your UAN status” option which is displayed in the picture attached below.

Forgot UAN Number

  • As and when you select ths option you will be redirected to a new page which contain the following data.

Forgot UAN Number

  • After selecting the state and remaining detail click on Know status.
  • That’s all you will be redirected to a new page which shows the following info.

Forgot UAN Number

  • This is nothing but UAN passbook. In other words it is also determined to be UAN card which contains the complete details of the employee, his EPF claim status and many more.

Benefits of UAN Activation:

Once you have a UAN login details with you, then a lot of actions can b performed without using your PF number. Especially, if you have multiple PF account numbers, this facility would be beneficial. Following are the major advantages of UAN login activation:

  • Download EPF passbook online  by just providing your UAN number.
  • You may view and/or download your passbook as many times as you want.
  • You can track EPF claim status for withdrawal.
  • Checking PF balance using SMS and missed call service.
  • Update and change your KYC information on the EPFO portal.
  • If you have not yet received UAN, you can track status of the same.
  • To solve any query related to your universal account number, call on number provided below. This toll-free number belongs to the UAN helpdesk:

Help Line Number 1800 118 005

You will get help on this number if you are not receiving/having queries with your universal account number. You can call the number between 9 AM to 5 PM on any day except on Sundays. You may also approach your local EPFO office if located in your vicinity for any kind of assistance.

If you are an EPFO member, it is highly recommended to get UAN registration.  The UAN login is a major facility for employees. It enables employees to carry out their significant PF related formalities on their own. The UAN number is valid till your membership remains regardless to the change in companies. UAN member portal is a major step in direction of EPF digitalization. Since we expect to see many other facilities available on the EPFO portals, it is the best thing to get familiar with them.

For more information regarding PF transfer, ways to get the EPF claim status etc. kindly visit our website as the link for which is provided below. To extend our gratitude you may also ask any kind of queries regarding the EPF details and we will get in to touch with you by providing data required to you.

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