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Check Your PF Status Online | Know Your EPF Balance Enquiry

Are you curious about your knowing your PF status? Who regularly invest some percentage of their basic salary must definitely know about how to check their PF status. If you tend to use the computer or laptop then easily you can trace the PF status online account balance in many ways. In the last few years the EPF India has started many facilities to inquire about the PF status tracking. Recently, it has launched a mobile app and missed call balance inquiry service. These are the great efforts, and we should appreciate it. Some years back EPF India functioning was very slow to adopt the technology, but now After several digital initiatives,  EPF India  has launched  7 easy and simple methods  to check the PF status.  In this session we shall discuss all te possible ways of PF status tracking.

Know About PF status:

Checking your PF status by making certain EPF balance inquiry methods is quite important and for which we have PF status check held available for you. The main reason behind inquiry of PF status is that sometimes employer may not contribute his share of EPF balance and through which you may lose your EPF balance amount. Hence through regularly PF status check clear information regarding the employer contribution for your PF status will be known clearly.

Know Your EPF Status

Methods of PF status check:

  1. Check PF status online through UAN

Universal Account number is a unique number allotted to those employees who are the members of employee’s provident fund (EPF India). The PF status does not change with the change of employment. The employers should inform his employee the UAN. You can know your UAN PF status online yourself and even generate it. The EPFO gives an account to every UAN holder. The UAN account portal gives many facilities to the EPF members. Once you activate the UAN provided to you then immediately you will receive a monthly SMS about your PF status and recent available balance.

  1. Download PF status tracking through UAN

Upon the various facilities of UAN portal, you can download the EPF passbook. This passbook has details of your monthly PF status online, Employer’s PF contribution, the contribution towards the employee pension scheme and latest balance. Hence, this method explains us the PF status, but also complete statement of provident fund account. To get the facility of PF statement inquiry through this mode, you need to first activate your UAN account. After completion of UAN activation, you can log into the account and download the EPF passbook for PF status tracking

  1. Download PF Passbook through UAN Member Portal

The member portal was one more way to download the PF passbook. If you want to download the PF passbook then you need to login the member portal which is easier to operate. The UAN member portal does not require any extra information for passbook download. All you need is Only the PF number to check PF status online.  For PF status tracking through the UAN Member portal you need to register with it. Registration is simple and requires the detail of any KYC document.

  1. EPF Missed Call Service

This is the easiest and instant way to check the PF status. Just, you have to give a missed call to the designated number. Within a few minutes, you would receive an SMS for PF status tracking. This SMS would tell about your PF status. This service is totally free of cost. For PF status check just give a missed call to 011 2290 1406 

  1. EPF Mobile APP

The EPF India has launched the Official Mobile App in the year 2013. The EPF APP not only helps you for PF status check, but also you can activate UAN through this APP. Even the employer and pensioners can also use the EPF app. The employer can check the PF status transaction of the EPF contribution. While it helps the pensioners to check their PF status and also the pension status. You can download this App from the EPFO website. This EPF App is not available at google play store. Hence, you have to install it manually for EPF India official website. After the installation, it will behave as a normal app. To check the PF status through the app, you have to enter the UAN and registered mobile number. The facility to check PF status is available to only those members who have activated UAN in the UAN portal and such UAN activation can be also done through this EPF Mobile app.

So, guys above explained are all the ways were you can easily check your PF status. Kindly opt for any one of the method and get PF status tracking regularly.

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