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UAN Activation:Universal Account Number Registration and Benefits

                                                   Every employee engaged in the EPF India will be provided an UAN activation number in order to know their EPF Claim status. So, it’s very important to know the process of how to check the UAN portal and the detailed procedure of UAN login. UAN portal acts as an umbrella to link up multiple EPF India numbers allotted to an individual by different employers. The special concept of linking the different UAN register policies under a single number is called a UAN . In this session, we shall clearly  focus on what is  an UAN number, various advantages of having UAN number activation, different methods to check the UAN portal  and finally how to activate UAN registration.

Brief description of UAN

UAN stands for Universal Account Number. this 12 digit UAN number would remain the same even if the employee changes his various categories of jobs. UAN number activation is allotted to each Employee Provident Fund member by the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) through  which he gets control of his EPF account and minimizes the role of employer.

Benefits of UAN activation

The UAN activation number gives us many benefits. As said earlier UAN has simplified many tasks of EPF India. Listed below are some of the benefits of getting UAN number activation through the UAN login.

  • The UAN portal gives you access to the EPF passbook where you can check the EPF balance.
  • After getting the UAN activation, its quite easier to get the latest updates of EPF India through SMS or Missed calls vailable in the UAN login.
  • UAN number activation automatically transfers the EPF balance from one account to another as and when the employee terminates an old employeemnet and joins into a new one.
  • The combination of UAN activation and Aadhaar number has made the employee ans easier way to know the EPF withdrawal policies through UAN login online affair.

UAN Number Activation:

various online facilities of UAN portal are available to the employee only when HE/SHE gets the UAN activation of UAN number. The UAN activation can be done through UAN portal, EPF app and through the SMS from registered mobile number. You should get known about the UAN activation to enjoy the benefits of UAN.

How To Get UAN number activation:

Usually every employer should provide a UAN activation number to his employee this is provided by the EPF India and which can also be got through the UAN login. Rather, the employer should print the UAN number activation in the salary pay slips. therefore employee can get the UAN number activation through the UAN portal. The EPF India has given the facility to check UAN activation status. So, why late let me clearly explain you the process of getting the UAN number activation through the UAN portal.

Steps to get the UAN Activation number from UAN Portal:

  • Firstly, check the UAN activation number whether allotted to you or not from the EPF India.

Know Your UAN Status

UAN Activation

How to get registered for UAN activation?

  1. Once you receive the UAN activation number from your employer, go to the official website UAN Login.

UAN Activation

Click on UAN activation. Enter the details given below

  • UAN activation.
  • Member Id.
  • Aadhar.
  • PAN.
  • Name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Mobile Number.
  • Email Id (Optional).
  • Captcha.

UAN Activation

  1. After entering all the details listed above you will receive an authorisation PIN on your registered mobile number. Enter the PIN and Click on Submit button. This screen allows the member to create the password UAN login to this UAN portal to get an access to the facilities provided in the UAN portal.
  1. After submitting the details a new screen will be displayed with a message about member’s successful registration to access UAN portal. Member must record this username and password for further use to access UAN activation.
  2. Thereby UAN number activation is successfully completed.
  3. Once you get the UAN activation number from the UAN login based registration, you can get access UAN portal at any time by using his username and password created as shown in image below.

UAN Activation

What next After UAN number activation?

After get UAN login you can easily

  • Download Passbook/UAN Card.
  • List Previous Membership details.
  • View Transfer Claim Status/System Generated Transfer Claim Status.
  • Edit Mobile Number/Edit Email ID/Update KYC Information/Change Password/Edit Personal Details.
  • Check in Helpdesk email id, Helpdesk number, EPF India Website.

How to download EPF India Passbook?

As said earlier access the UAN login and check your EPF India membership data by entering the details asked for to submit. Check the image provided below.

UAN Activation

 UAN Card details:

UAN Card is the card provided for the employee’s whose UAN activation has been done. Through UAN Portal you can also download the soft copy of UAN Card which displays Name, Father’s/Husband’s Name, Member-ID, (as available in the EPF India member database) Photo and KYC. If KYC of UAN number activation provided to the person  is uploaded by the employer. The back side of the UAN card displays latest five Member-IDs linked with this UAN activation along with the helpdesk no. and email-id.

UAN Activation

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