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UAN Status Online:Check Your UAN Status Of EPFO | UAN Member Portal


UAN Status Online: Have you any idea regarding the UAN? If, your answer is no don’t worry in this session we shall clearly explain you the process of how to know your UAN status. The UAN status is the very first thing you should know if you are contributing into the EPF account. The UAN status update is mandatory for EPF withdrawal. The UAN status check makes the EPF transfer very easy.

This UAN status check can be done only when your employer provides you the 12 digit number of UAN. But before going to HR department of the EPF India, please do check the UAN status online from the EPFO portal. Before going into the UAN status check you must know about the UAN status for EPF.

What Is UAN?

UAN is a Universal Account number which is a unique one. UAN status is generally given to every member who pays the Employee Provident Fund Scheme. Unlike PF member ID, the UAN status does not change with the change of job. Because of the UAN status, the EPF transfer and EPF withdrawal has become very easy. To avail maximum benefit from the UAN status for EPF you must link your Adhaar number with the UAN.

UAN Status Online

Is it necessary to check UAN status?

Yes its quite important to know your UAN status. Both employer and employee contributes certain percentage of share from his/her salary which is added to the EPF India Scheme. If the employee doesn’t check his/her UAN status for EPF then they cannot know whether employer has contributed his share or not, moreover statements of UAN status online were available for all the ones who got registered in the EPF India.

How to check UAN status online?

  • Visit The Portal Of Universal Account Number.
  • Go To The UAN Status Check Page.

UAN Status

In the member portal of the universal account number (UAN), there is a prominent link for UAN status check. Click on this link shown above.

  • Give Your EPF India Details.

On the new page titled ‘Check UAN Status’, you have to fill the EPF India number provided to you. This is the most crucial part and you should fill your EPF number properly. Choose the state where your EPF office is registered. If you are confused, try to get an idea from the first two letters of EPF numbers. The first two letters represents the state to which you belong to, such as MH for Maharashtra, DS for Delhi and UP for Uttar Pradesh. Choose the EPF office region. You can trace the region from the next 3 letters of PF number. As the 3,4,5 places of UAN represents the region to which you belong to. After choosing the state and region the two columns of PF numbers gets filled automatically. Verify it with your EPF number.

Now you should fill the organization number. Every employee in your organization has the same number as every organisation is given a code. It would be the first group of digits in your PF number. It can go up to 7 digits. In the fourth column you need to fill the extensions. In most of the cases this remains 000. Also, it may not be in your EPF number, and then you can leave it blank. Fill in your EPF number. This is the number which is unique to you in your office. It can be of maximum 7 digits. Finally by entering all the data you can easily check the UAN status.

UAN Status Online

You can get you UAN status from the salary slip. Most of the employer prints it in the salary slip.

  • Finally now it’s time to get the UAN status

UAN Status Online

After clicking on ‘Check UAN Status’ you will first know whether any UAN status is allotted to you or not. If UAN status is allotted to you then you can know it from the UAN status online from the EPF India. Whether you have been allotted the UAN status? Now you can get UAN status online by going through the verification process.

If you don’t have the UAN status active, you can also generate UAN from the UAN status portal. You can get an UAN number even without having a job or employer. Once you get the UAN status active, don’t forget to activate it on the UAN portal. The activation of UAN status gives you various online facilities. EPFO became very fast in allotting the UAN status check. So, what more are you waiting for just online the UAN portal and do the UAN status check.

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